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Welcome to the Future of Rewarding Holders that are investing into Tokenomics.

We Present to you a Wonderful Automatic Rewards System that will Automatically give the holders 11% BTC from The Buy & Sell Transaction.

Our Team has Every investment as there top priority for growth and stability. We created a Massive rewards system for our holders to love and enjoy the power of Advanced income for Holding MBC.

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 The Buy & Sell transaction of 10% is Automatically 

transferred  into the Liquidity Pool to Develop a solid price floor & Also Gain a Larger Increase to the Value of your  MegaBitcoin.

Investments can grow at more Impressive speeds than the average rewards system.


 Every buy & sell transaction has 7% collected and converted into Bitcoin miners.

50% of BTC  from the miners will be added into the liquidity pool and 50%  BTC to reward holders,

 we will then use a  small percentage of the liquidity pool for personal Crypto Loans & uploading the balance on Crypto Credit Cards.

all interest from the personal loans and Crypto Credit transactions will be added into the pool to remain stability & more value.

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Your Road Map

Phase 1

Phase 2

  • Development of MegaBitcoin

  • Smart Contract Creation

  • ( 11% BTC Rewards & Auto Liqudity pool)

  • Launch Website 

  • Develop community on (Telegram,Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, TicToc, ECT)

  •  Create Pre-sale on ( PinkSale) Finance

  •  ( Lock 90% Liquidity for (6 Months)

  • Audit & KYC badge

  • Poocoin advertising & Increased Marketing

  • Public Launch on Pancake Swap V2

  • Listing on Coin Gecko & Coin Market Cap

  • 100,000 holders 

  • Bitcoin Miners to  Increase more Rewards for holders of MBC

  • Creation of  Bitcoin Credit Cards  ( lower transaction rates for holders of mbc ) 

  • $500  BTC Drop Every Month to  one Random Selected Holder of MBC

  • Expansion of Development Team

  • Website Redesign

  • Network Marketing Program

Phase 3

  • 500,000 holders

  • Introducing Personal Crypto Loans.

  • (terms and Regulations Apply)

  • Increased liquidity limits on bitcoin Credit Cards

  • marketing exchange for Rewards tokens

  • ( audited & KYC Only )

  • 24 hour live chat

  •  ( experienced and beginners ) of cryptocurrency

  •  Listings on  Major Exchanges

  • Live Monthly Raffles for Holders of MBC

  • Live Monthly RRD - Random Reward Drops of BTC

  • ( for Holders of MBC)


Introducing our Team

Darryl Kohl

Development Manager


Marketing Manager

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Cameron Sass

Head of Operations 

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Hugh V. Jarvis

Chief Executive

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Trenten Lee

Director of Content

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Garrett Hrabchak

Christine Eleizabith

Business Development

Shawn Daniel

Technical Manager

Kitana Cynthia

Website Designer

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About: MegaBitcoin


 a Bitcoin Rewards Token that includes utility's & Future  

this is the first of any token to have a system in place to give the investors the most profits possible in tokenomics. we will be purchasing bitcoin miners and be devloping non stop bitcoin to be added to our liquidity pool.

this will not only give investors the best rewards but also the best returns on their investments. we will be using a small percentage of the liquidity pool to create crypto cards for holders to use there rewards with minimum interest rates & Transaction fees.  if your not a holder of MegaBitcoin then you may still apply for your card but the interest rates & Fees will be much higher as a penalty result.

you will be able to confirm your balance and upload & increase Liquidity limits on the website of Mega Bitcoin.

we also are going to be using a small percentage of the liquidity pool for personal cryptocurrency Loans, you will need to fill out a Loan application

Required on the website to be Approved.

 depending on the amount  you requested and the crypto rating you have with our Project is how the rates and fees will be determined & applied to the contract summited. 

The Future is Now & You're Invited.





17% Buy tax / 17% Sell tax 

11%  goes to Auto bitcoin rewards

5.5% each transaction for rewards.

10%  goes to Auto liquidity

5% each transaction for liquidity

7%  goes towards marketing

3.5% each transaction for marketing.

6% goes to Pancake swap for Gas fees

3%  Gas fee on each Transaction.